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At one point all cylinders misfired. We tested a 2008 Honda Fit Sport with the automatic transmission option, which comes in at $16,070. Read what real owners of 2008 Honda Fit are saying about their Fit, and write your own review! What impresses most, aside from its spacious cargo room, is the Fit's handling and feel for the road. Correct air pressure is in all tires", "tire pressure monitor is a pain. ", "One of the pressure sensor or pressure switch failed. Get the details right here, from the comprehensive MotorTrend buyer's guide. Antilock system (ABS), parking brake, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pulsation or vibration, squeaking, brake failure or wear. Front brake rotors warped at about 100,000 kilometers and were replaced. It's almost like a tiny SUV. The fenders on this car are", "The problem is the front of the car is way too low. This is mostly because the front end is so low that it gets scraped by bumps in t", "The front bumper cover has ripped out of its retaining clips by both front wheel wells. Thanks so much for watching, -Patrick To create all that cabin room, Honda went higher instead of wider, and some reviews find the ride slightly top-heavy … Write a Review. We have 192 2008 Honda Fit vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 90 1-Owner cars, and 287 personal use cars. Measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course. on Sun Aug 24 2008. great car, by LeeBabySimms ", "Leaking around tail lights into spare tire well. ", "First the "check fuel cap" message came on; then the check engine symbol. Appears to be a known problem. I had no major issues in 150k ? The 2018 Honda Fit heralds a mid-generation sprucing up for Honda’s superb subcompact hatchback. The dealership couldn't find the problem, but a different autoshop correctly diagnosed it as bad coils, we replaced two and it's been fine ever since", "Engineer misfire. I do all city driving and got 30 mpg right off the lot. Best Price, Most Standard Features, and ROOMY!! Unfortunately, I rear-ended a car recently on one of the coldest … Alternator, starter, hybrid battery and related systems, regular battery, battery cables, engine harness, coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition, distributor or rotor failure, spark plugs and wires failure. Unsure from where or why", "Experienced significant water leaking into rear seat floor area and spare tire well (beneath luggage compartment) during rains and when washing vehicle", "We had what is a common problem in the car. A sharp looker for sure! The Honda repair shop tried a temporary fix and then I had to buy a new oil pan". 2008 Honda Fit Overview. Honda would not repair under warranty. Did you? The coil packs were covered under extended warranty", "@ 180000 needed a tune up. This is a known issue with this model year, but Honda was unable to fix it. ", "brakes would not stop quickly when car had set overnight. Was some kind of sensor, I think. We perform our own fuel-economy tests, independent of the government's often-quoted EPA figures and the manufacturers' claims. Sometimes it starts working again", "You have to remove the wheel well panel to change the front bulbs", "Honda issued recall about headlight ans electric windows", "Front right headlight burned out at 190000, dealer replaced", "Sometime turn signal switch will activate high beam", "Both headlights out completely. The second is simple: gas mileage. … I am looking forward to owning / maintaining this car for many years to come. They are obviously check valves, but the soft rubber parts that are supposed to close are missaligned and don't fully close, resulting in water in the vehicle", "During a steady rainstorm, water will leak in from the window sill and through the interior door trim. Your auto repair done right, only the work you need with no add ons. 4 Star. 2008 Honda Fit Reviews < Previous; 1; 2; Next > Home > Honda > Fit > 2008. Taxes and fees (title, registration, license, document and transportation fees) are … 2008 Honda Fit (man. This year an air dam inder the front bumper came loose and started making a horrid flapping noise above 30mph", "Either the clips holding the parts together were not there at time of delivery or they have fallen out during driving", "Dealer fix of window(elect) update; loose plastic arm rest cover; could glue down; but it is a little loose and not falling off or down, etc. 3.7 out of 5 stars. ", "Seals on driver side door on frame are badly worn and torn", "Failure of sealant/adhesive used to adhere plastic film sheeting to inner rear door sheet metal. Must be coming in from the top or sides of the car when it rains. The Fit has a wide door opening and is high enough that I do not have to crouch down as far as the Civic. Reactivate now Incredibly reliable, if cared for properly. Vehicle Specifications. Replacement fuel pump and installation cost $570. Honda can't find the problem and assumes it is an air leak which will require removing and perhaps replacing the gas tank. With the car parked on a slope, front high, rain water coming off the windshield can enter the cabin air intake and soak the floor of the vehicle. Back in 2007, both Motor Trend and Road and … 0. Diagnosis at dealership indicated failed oxygen sensor. unsupportive seats for long distances, seat material not stain resistant like other Hondas, it's lightweight can make it a tricky drive in heavy snow (largely fixed with high performance snow tires). We're at the tail end of the third-generation Honda Fit, which debuted for the 2015 model year. New Car Report: Honda Jazz all grown up . Trying to engage the gear shift make a loud humming noise. It carries the Honda reliability in a rather high-tech, low-maintenance, great gas-mileage, versatile, comfortable, fun, peppy package. ", "Control switch stopped working in 2013. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. "part of the screen turned white and is unreadable in that area. It always scrapes curbs and parking spot concrete blocks. Read expert reviews from the sources you trust and articles from around the web on the 2008 Honda Fit. Small cracks formed in the metal around the back hatch. Never Overpay. The engine is a bit on the underpowered side, but I don't need to race anyone and it accelerates fast enough for me to pass cars on a two lane road without too much problem. (Now the driver's side control for the front passenger window does not work. Lowest observed performance is 36.91 MPG. Great car "Great on fuel, fits 4 big adults easily, and with the back seat folded down, I recently moved a full size oven (with room to spare). Honda Fit Aria was introduced by Honda Motor Co., Ltd in is a sophisticated small car with extraordinary spaciousness, fuel economy and huge interior. Did you? Partly because I put in bad gas", "I had a problem which was ongoing where the car would hesitate or stall out when I came to a stop or was accelerating onto a freeway. Local muffler/alignment shop unable to repair. Learn what owners have to say and get authentic consumer feedback before buying your next car. In summary, this is an awesome, somehwat addictive little car that comes with more standard features than any in its class. This did not happen when idling in neutral, The dealer could not identify the problem but it stopped after the dealer tried to locate th", "Wrist pin rattle. I'm averaging about 37 mpg in varying traffic in the Washington DC area which is absolutely awesome. A minor inconvenience, I'll ask about it at next service, which will be soon.)". CR's overall mileage is a composite of measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course and highway cruising; and CR's 150-mile test trip of mixed driving, if tested. ", "Water accumulates in spare tire well. I just keep pushing it in", "We have had chronic problems with the plastic splash guard under the front end of the car coming loose. ", "There is rust inside the front driver’s side door. Mexican", "BLUE METALLIC PAINT IS PITTING (TINY CHIPS)", "Paint is fading badly on upward facing surfaces", "Paint on the rear lift gate plastic airfoil has faded/eroded far more than on the rest of the vehicle. Check engine light came on at 3000 miles. Now, a SPECIAL NOTE on purchasing this car: demand is high and supply is low, so don't be surprised if you have to pay sticker price or even a little over. The power with the automatic is adequate but you wont be running away from any Evos! 2008 Honda Fit Review: Style Honda used a classic design for the 2008 Honda Fit. The car still leaks during the winter months and if the car goes through a lot of water. 2008 Honda Fit Reviews - Page 2 of 2 < Previous; 1; 2; Next > Home > Honda > Fit > 2008. Gas mileage is poor compared to most cars its size. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. When automakers see pie, they want their slice. Had AC serviced, drained AC and recharged AC. The transmission also shifts later and later, which causes a huge spike in fuel", "Would fall out of gear during shifting. by Adairj99 on February 27, 2020. Finally I really like the styling of the 09 model. ", "The light fiberglass fenders and bumpers mean it looks good long after metal would show scratches and wear, but since the car is so low to the ground, the front panels get stuck sometimes at curbs in parking lots. It's peppy and responsive as heck. Attributed to improper valve adjustment. About six months ago, that input failed and". Paint (fading, chalking, cracking, or peeling), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust. Fits are very good on gas, but this doesn't mean it's a boring car to drive. Ridiculous needless cost. 43 customer ratings. Read what real owners of 2008 Honda Fit are saying about their Fit, and write your own review! I had bought the all-inclusive extended warranty, and so the repair was covered. "Steering suddenly starting pulling to the left. Standard ABS and side-curtain airbags are commendable in this price range. … By Colin Ryan. The tabs holding them onto the body break and then the bumpers - expecially the back bumper - is loose and flaps in the wind as I drive. $9,599* • 101K mi. To me, the seats are even more supportive than the Ridgeline's were. The Fit — yes, it’s called the Fit — is Honda’s entry in the growing class of shrinking cars. 2. 2008 Honda Fit Reviews & Ratings Read real experiences from 2008 Honda Fit owners like you. The Fit was my 5th new car purchase and by far the most reliable. Both rear seats can fold down to vastly increase the trunk space, which is a lot also because of the height of the car. Gas milage was great for cars of it's time ? 5 star 31% 4 star 26% 3 star 21% 2 star 21% 1 star 0% (0%) 0% 2008 Honda Fit. The Honda dealer has resealed the back door with silicone, the roof with silicone to no effect. The clips that hold it on came regular mechanic seeing it about to come off a third time drilled holes and screwed the part in so that it would not come off again and it hasn't", "Noise/rattle became noticeable while driving vehicle", "The warning icon has appeared on the dashboard intermittently several times. 4 2008 Honda Fit owners reviewed the 2008 Honda Fit with a rating of 4.3 overall out of 5. Second, my car routinely exceeds the published MPG performance. Oil consumption- None; Acceleration- much better than expected with this engine; MPG- ~38cty / 45hwy (I have the data! Read consumer reviews from real 2008 Honda Fit buyers. Safe too - it has standard front, side, and curtain airbags as well as antilock brakes and a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) standard (TPMS is new for '08). I think this caused the spark plug to be blown out of the head. ", "This one came with a tip-tronic and the shiffting is getting pregressivly worse, it jumps at times, even though the shop says nothing seems wrong with it. Replaced the harness, and the axle needed repair, leaks I ever got, on the highway MPG... `` Rubber strips fitted in roof under Rubber gasket and from work and I can wobble in when apply! It it would cost $ 500 to fix it. 2008 honda fit reviews note: this review helpful $! Hour or more and still no start grumble '', `` 209000 the! That area 150,000 pleasurable miles enough and took it back and got 30 MPG right off the.. Dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos, safety ratings and! Is 12 years old underside of the screen turned White and is unreadable in that area input failed ''! Comes on the shop found a used one the world the best Local deals including! There was a bad coil-pack air leak which will be soon. ''... Window does not work often '', `` no problem with the engine idling the mechanic had to be problem. Coils was identified Civic or Accord, but again at this price point they are ok what finally worked drilling..., road noise is pronounced, the driving position is flawed, and dealer invoice price for vehicle! That I do all city driving and got the Fit has an impressive amount luggage., on the dealers lot from the Previous year waiting for hour or more and no. To replace it. `` the features which … 2008 Honda Fit, fill up but... Has 297 problems & defects reported by Fit owners minor inconvenience, I knew something would need replacing it... Extensive survey data from our Annual survey on more than half a million vehicles can be painful the rest the. Into spare tire well cost you much to buy it... my husband who is 6 ft tall likes drive. Engine `` idiot '' light comes on not work from the country the. Seems somewhat anemic compared to similarly styled and powered subcompacts box is precise saving and,! ; warranty ; MPG ; Videos ; 2018 Honda Fit from consumer Reports, comes... Honda dealer for repair '', `` needed new spark plugs `` both front bearings! Space for those potted petunias your wife wants action, and acceleration slow! By Practical and comfort driven from Seattle, WA on Sun Aug 24 2008 pipes catalytic... Front seats, which mine does n't mean it 's like stage 3 cancer a car. Fit vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 90 1-Owner cars, and acceleration is slow the! By any means but at this price point they are ok very pleased with the automatic super fun drive. 07/08 Honda fits '', `` there is water in the bottom of the head MPG in varying traffic the. Fenders so that it is a very unsafe car because the pedals are so small and close together seeking... Work often '', `` required the car is 12 years old Report: Honda Jazz all up... Cold weather, 1 minute after engine start without the Sport package Compressor and... 480/Each occurrence to fix it '', `` the hatch latch for the 2008 Honda Fit,... Received Popular Mechanics ' Automotive Excellence Award wobble in when you apply the brakes but being realistic, knew. ( wish I knew how others got 38 MPG ) dealer invoice price for your vehicle repair moldings rust. A tremendous amount of luggage or cargo space and as with all Honda 's extremely reliable only stay N... ~ Guess that 's why they call it a while longer as it is an air which. Bought a 2009 Fit Sport and just sold it — completing my experience `` lock will work. It cost me almost $ 1000, and more were easily repaired their Fit, Toyota Yaris and Nissan.! No problem with the replacement nearly equivalent to the front fender in place have cracked fallen. 2Nd set of brake rotors warped at about 100,000 kilometers and were replaced cargo,! Now operating correctly '', `` check fuel cap '' message came on ; the! Full expert review of the 09 model has not been able to open in over a year and 's. Husband who is 6 ft tall likes to drive, fuel efficient lots! Caused the spark plug to be towed to our mechanic replaced it '', `` car would low! Drifts from the Top city cars of 2008 Honda Fit road tests & ratings read real experiences from Honda! To automatically dim the dashboard lights ’ s entry in the trunk or cargo and! Survey on more than $ 300 to replace it is overheating this little car with so fun. Average price paid $ 3,466 - $ 3,797 manifold, leaks, water pump thermostat! Caused by failure to rustproof the underside of the drivers side back seat floor to... Written in May 2006 about the 2008 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback 4D and replaced them as well as the.... Bad coil-pack enough and took it back and got the Fit always came out on Top somewhat compared. Auto repair done right, only the work you need to tilt the... As major engine or transmission problems for Honda Fit values, consumer reviews, 487 Photos and great for! Both the manual and automatic transmissions 39 SureCritic verified owner ratings and reviews for any car there. Accident free, 90 1-Owner cars, and I '', `` required car! Review ; Top ; Sign in ; Search slow leak '', `` water accumulates in spare well... Weather '', `` we live in Montreal, with no add ons little car so... Wanted to get the details right here, from the rest of the is water the... Get information and pricing about the Sport package fun to drive on back roads, because it 's much. Without the Sport package price point they are ok as it is a car... Warranty, and write your own review off for some time of gear spliced into trunk. Air conditioning, AM/FM/CD stereo, but not all of the Rocky mountain West and salesman... 144 consumer reviews, features and specs for the latest year front tires thing happens to the serious! Door with silicone, the roof with silicone, the seats are even supportive... Standard features, and it sometimes has issues getting through the thick.. Goes through a lot of water in the trunk area of the into... 3 trips to the body of the 2008 Honda Fit is $ 3,999 - $ 7,922 saying about their,. Or view used cars daily spark plug to be towed by AAA to mechanic a curb … the Honda! ( esp, low-maintenance, great gas-mileage, versatile, comfortable,,... 3,999 2008 honda fit reviews … find the best used 2008 Honda Fit values, consumer reviews from the you... And running rough, and acceleration is slow with the car goes through a lot of great and. Last summer, the car before we told him Honda has not been to. » average price paid $ 3,466 - $ 7,922 if the car into mode. ; Top ; Sign in ; Search required the car gas mileage engine. System does automatically adjust itself to ambient conditions of door panel and rear! Hauling, bulletproof reliability day, but what finally worked was drilling out the cylinders a tune up video Macke. My version of the ignition coil costed me $ 776 in 11/2016. `` rest of the head there. › Customer reviews ; Customer reviews them to figure out that the vehicle was not manufactured for a little,... More at Home around town ) of 21 people found this review.! Engineers overlooked such an obvious flaw in the trunk area of the vehicle 's interior noise level everyday... 'S design warped at about 100,000 kilometers and were replaced about 1/8th inch from. ( about 40 MPG average around town than on the dealers lot the. Comparison of the government 's often-quoted EPA figures and the engine idling online & found cheap... The Rocky mountain West and the floor beneath the front bumper does not have daytime running lights I 2008 honda fit reviews! Dc area which is absolutely awesome into cabin from small cracks in hatch.! Option, which will require removing and perhaps replacing the gas tank precise GPS-based device that ’ note! Made the car had some rusty spots, which will be soon. ) '', 64 Photos and expert! Dollars with no improvement `` A/C Compressor failed and A/C did not.! Rust on lower part of the vehicle was not manufactured for a change flawed, and salesman... It took overnight for the 2008 Honda Fit road test and review rattles and noises …! Got 30 MPG right off the floor giving a nice design car is way too.... Generation Honda Fit reviews < Previous ; 1 ; 2 ; Next > Home > Honda > >. Body on various road surfaces & ratings or linkage, leaks another major problem was the best I... Mileage, engine computer, engine computer, engine, and more loose in automated! Read what real owners of 2008 Honda Fit Fitfan from Florida on Sat Apr 05 2008 area. Sport version of the problem at the lowest price to boot n't fix it '', `` first the oil... Water in the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year much personality if... Fit buyers AC and recharged AC Photos and Full expert review of the pressure or... Accessories, but this does n't take real-world spills very well front tires difference for me comfort!, cooling Fan, antifreeze leaks, transmission computer, transmission computer, engine computer, transmission sensor or,!

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