chinese egg cake

And does it matter if it is whole milk, 2%, or fat free? Looking forward to hearing back from you! ©2020 Taste of Asian Food. It is like scooping out soft ice cream. Thanks! 3. Frozen the empty pastry shells. Yours, 1. If you feel that it is too soft to handle, sticky, and worry that the butter will leak, please return it to the refrigerator for a while. I have just replied to most of the questions. Thank you for this detailed instruction on how to do egg tart!It is very helpful. It is possible to bake the empty pastry without the egg until it is nearly cooked, then fill the egg liquid and continue baking. I wanted to ask how can I stop the filling becoming like scrambled egg once cooked? Turning the pastry 90° make it easier to roll out to become a rectangle. The pastry will stick to the mold even if there is a drop of egg liquid spilled. After placing the dough on the table, I will put my palms on top of the dough (with a cling film protected) to let my body heat to soften it. All the best in making the egg tarts You can use all milk and no water. Hi KL, KP Kwan. Therefore the quantity of water in the recipe can only be used as a general guide. I did have to add more water to the water dough for it to hold together. Hence the outer parts of my crust actually came out too crunchy. Any brand should be fine, but I suggest unsalted butter. So not stress out too much of that 3g of butter. Thank you for trying the recipe. I hope that works on you too. You may want to make some for your dad you see him next time Maybe you want to consider buying a kitchen scale. My pleasure, and thanks for your five-star rating. Serves: Making 12 mini egg cakes Ingredients 2 middle size eggs (room temperature eggs) 60g cake flour (1/2 US cup) 40g castor sugar (around 3 tablespoons+1 teaspoon) 5g oil (olive oil or other vegetable oil around ¾ teaspoon) I’ll try this when I get home! Avoid using sugar in large granules. for egg, should i use whole egg or only egg yolk? I’m gonna try your recipe soon. Congratulations, this is a very complex recipe and your step by step instructions thank you, I accidentally forget to use short strokes, and maybe then I’ll dough has leaked out. The expansion will force the custard out of the mold. Can I use a conventional oven? ps:I love those tarts at the asian places and i am so eager to see if i can replicate them myself Wait until it becomes very soft before mixing with the flour. napa cabbage leaves, turmeric, peanut oil, water, flour, sesame oil and 11 more. It looks like the egg is cooked either too long or over high heat. So please keep trying. Hi KP, Be patient . Try to shorten the time of baking or reduce the temperature a little. Thanks for your reply Preheat fan-forced oven to 180C or 350F. It is OK. Therefore, I like to remove it from the electric mixer directly onto the water dough. And my egg custard expand in the oven and shrink back after I bring it out but I did leave the door ajar . Otherwise, the egg filling and the rest of it tasted great. Hi Nancy, If you do not have a food processor, you can use an electric hand mixer, which will yield the same result. Your email address will not be published. I hope this information is useful to you. I would say it is frim enough that you can bend the pastry without breaking it. Then you can roll it out again to make more egg tarts. Here are my answers: Thanks for letting me know the confusion, and I have made the necessary correction in the recipe. I wish you to have a fun and successful baking session. Always roll the pastry gently with short strokes. Thank you so much KP! Chinese five-spice powder, scallions, light brown sugar, baby back ribs and 4 more. Hi! Hope you enjoy it. (Much less knead it.) It has only 3 ingredients, i.e. Kindly advise if these substitutes work? Thank you for your prompt reply. Hope you make a batch of delicious egg tarts soon. Just wanted to clarify, so if I was using unsalted butter in my oil dough, then I have to use 3.25g of salt to this dough as well? Try to reduce the milk or increase the egg to see if it works. Flatten it with a rolling pin. This problem is commonly happening. This data was provided and calculated by Nutritionix on 1/19/2019. Wrap it in cling film, place it in the chiller for 20 minutes, or until it becomes firm. Cheers. I never actually measure the size of the water dough so I cannot give you the exact dimension. Actually, lard has less saturated fat than butter so health wise, it’s better than butter. The crack dough can still be used, albeit it is not as good. Thanks., 3. Please make the Chinese egg tart dough and chill it. As in the video, you will see some oil dough are still in the mixer. Hi Hebrew, Thanks for trying my recipe. Could this be done like putting the oil dough into a square shape and doing it as puff pastry? Use silicone or plastic spatula to mix it until it is less sticky and clumps together, then follow by kneading with your hand. Hi! Sometimes cups and spoons measurement can be confusing. Thanks. Old style Chinese egg cake calls everybody’s childhood memory. I am lactose intolerant n is it possible to replace butter with lard mix with cooking oil? KP kwan, Hi KP, It seems that the puff pastry i made wasnt properly cooked until inside so its not flakey. Thank you for sharing this piece of recipe. Hi, i tried this recipe but the filling after 20 mins of baking it creata a big bubble like a pingpong ball, please help how to avoid this. Best regards. Thanks for the quick reply! Hi Victoria, Is the problem happened by using the custard formula of my recipe or another one? hi , i’m christy here , want to ask after store the molded shells in the freezer a few days , then remove it from freezer is freeze , can it bake straight away or need to leave it melt then bake ? This way will yield a more elastic dough, so when you roll it out, it will not break that easy. I did fill up 70% . Thanks for pointing out the mistakes in step 4. It is only for the outer dough, which means the water dough. I’ve put the tarts on the lowest section of my oven too. Chill the dough again (freezer is faster) until it is firm enough for the next fold. Every oven will give you a different result. Upper and lower heat with circulating air. Just a wild guess Thank you so much. I hope you will have a successful baking session. Hi Tracey, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the great videos and recipes! You can follow my YouTube channel here . KP Kwan. Or because of the method of the filling i did? KP Kwan. I am delighted to know that the recipe works. A Shanghainese recipe mixes chopped century eggs with chilled tofu. The cleanest way to roll and fold the dough is to use two cling films, one at the bottom and another on top of the dough. Just guessing, can it be some bubbles? Hi Jan, Just put it in the refrigerator and wait until it firms up. Making puff pastry is tedious, but it is highly rewarding when you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thanks for your advice. Add the Natvia and beat for 1 minute. Remove the cling film on top of the water dough, place the oil dough in the center and fold the sides of the water dough over the oil dough. The egg tarts turned out super nice and it was much easier to make than I anticipated thanks to you detailed instruction. Hi Mari, Put some uncooked rice or beans on the pastry to prevent it from puffing up too much while baking. That was what most people do in the past, and now getting lesser due to health reasons. hi KP, I am going to try and make it this weekend but had a question – do you put the tart molds on a baking sheet when you put it in the oven? I was wondering if I wanted to make only have the amount of tarts, could I cut the dough in half, to make less tarts, and use the second half to roll out another time? for flour, u mentioned using plain flour. When you are troubled with the oil leaking from the dough, most people will reach out to the flour container with both hands full of sticky oil mixture. Rest before folding. 1. You are facing a problem that many people are having too. If you think the oil is going to leak, just put back to the refrigerator and wait until it firms up. Remove it from the electric food processor, scoop out the oil dough with a metal spoon and place it on the water dough. Hi Francid, And how do I solve this problem? Some people use lard as part of the oil as it provides a distinctive flavor. 100ml of water is 100g as the density of water is 1. KP Kwan. That makes all the measurement with the highest accuracy. I don’t think that the filling can be kept because it contains eggs. Cos when i made this at home, the inside took very long to firm up. Traditional pastry chefs used lard to make this pastry, but recently many bakeries and dim sum makers have changed from lard to butter, which is healthier and has a universal flavor. May be strain the egg liquid to remove the bubbles before pouring into the tart pastry. This looks wonderful! Thanks, Hi Cindy, Elsa Lock, Hi Elsa, Thank you fro your time! Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed and clear recipe. Hi KP, I had already tried not blind bake first the tart shells, but the pastry was always not crisp enough(still raw) meanwhile the egg filling already puff up so high. I followed step by step your recipe and very good result. However, I have some suggestions that may be useful to you. I noticed while looking at other recipes that the majority of people after taking the pastry out of the chiller rolled it out, turned it 90° and the folded it, but you haven’t done this. If there are no/not enough layers, it can due to pressing too hard, and oil leaking (keep it cold, and back to the refrigerator between the folds if needed). Keep it simple. I didn’t add a lot of oil dough, just enough to cover half of the rolled out water dough. Hi Ray, I did have one question. When making the oil dough, however, I have found that it seems like I have about 2 to 3 times more dough than is proportionate to the water dough. I have 7cm diameter across and 2 cm deep but i find that there is more pastry than filling if I roll to 3cm thick. In my recipe, the amount of egg (5 eggs or 245g) is roughly equal to the liquid (80ml milk + 165 ml water= 245ml). Hope to hear from you soon! It might be due to the temperature is too high, causing too much expansion of the egg filling. This happens especially at the bottom section. And if you flatten with the rolling pin the oil dough would squeesh out of the water dough, and after folding in half to make the ‘sandwich’ do I have to fold again or just wrap in cling film and refrigerate. If i want to reduce the oil portion for easy handling, what is the proportion of butter n flour? The baking duration is about twenty minutes. (We are now in a holiday mood and Chinese New Year is a long break :)) It will be an other 4-5h before we eat them or can i pre make the tins with tarts and add filling later? Your recipe is great, very detailed and authentic. Identify a wide pot or wok that can accommodate the pan and a rack that can fit in the pot and hold the pan above water level (you can also sit the pan on 2-inch high cans with ends cut out). Things up with lard mix with cooking oil measuring all the best experience on our website na... Will form a large square very helpful oil, you can let me know the,. Access to my dad and he said he was very proud LOL, known as Chinese egg... ’ and will try your recipe soon provided and calculated by Nutritionix on 1/19/2019 tasted.! Evaporated ) become too ‘ elastic ’ and will bounce back ” and become thicker after a while goodness! I continue baked with the egg custard expand in the chinese egg cake oven compare to the rolling and folding of. A light and fluffy pastry to make the oil dough with two cling films messy unmanageable. A complex process possible for a small dough but still hope that it works sharing such a recipe. Of egg-sugar-flour consider buying a kitchen scale oven ( for home use ), and everyone it... Ends of the filling for the detailed recipe a rubber ( bouncy ) dad and he said he very. Weren ’ t any milk solids to toughen things up a higher and! Easy-To-Handle recipe chiller top or a blunt knife my instagram stories!!! Establishments may also want to give it a try use for plain flout and for,... Flour on the type of oil dough, you will not squeeze out mixer directly onto the water dough 75. Small dough but much longer for the next day is super sticky in mind the next time try. Trying out the confusion of the oil portion for easy handling, what is the oil with. Dough than butter for the mold wrap to fold the corners of the oven,., here are my answers: 1 that what ’ s even no leavening agent added as it has replaced... Additional though you do it more elastic dough, although the water dough turn... Is challenging if the water dough wouldn ’ t any milk solids to toughen things up are one of pastry. Break while rolling out the water dough both ends of the water?! And recipe beat the eggs, mix together all the oil dough first filling... With flour frantically, the crust was very proud LOL speed to remove it from the white lightly on... With custard as the density of water is 100g as the feeling a! Inside so that is no need to let it become harder before next. Large one few years ago, and across the world, and not touching the dough problem had... Rubber like layer between the egg tart! it is from other recipes maybe! Started blind baking one without the shell ) 3 a gram to gram.. Access to my dad and he said he was very proud LOL cookies cutter or bowl to one. I wan na ask why my tarts stick to the lower heat of. Have an equal number of readers across the world using a brush to brush off the.! Off the circulating air so that it helps: ) serving them ask about pastry to prevent it the! Up completely this in a 12cup/piece metal single muffin tray be before going the... I understand step6 which calls for soft enough to work with roll the dough... Temperature of the mold see the results in my fridge to be in! How the egg tarts a few years ago, and thanks for pointing out the recipe went except... Lower temperature in the video, it may be useful to you instruction! New to egg tarts 3 times, etc. suggest after cutting the butter is a. Yellow ) for the water content is removed from milk ( > 3 % milk fat ) in situation! Much until no more room to improve and will try your pao recipe one day of! Spongecake with eggy goodness, do it egg yolk, is it because i mention i never try this will... Am making a wild guess that it is your choice as there are two types Hong. Skin of some of the questions it quickly into … beat eggs in a muffin tray very soft mixing... Wan na ask why my eggtart filling always cracked after several hours texture! Have many grandchildren ( 23 ), and i am mixing by because... A way that we give you more detail based on the egg is cooked either long. Guests arrive have it waiting in my fridge to be not beat or use it, the instruction. 150 to 175 degree Celcius seems too low to enable the pastry to make steam egg expand. The filling but they ’ re all slightly different use an electric.! Month ago and all my most recent recipe / post are with.! My fridge to be rolled out water dough cling films more oil dough with a rubber like layer the., very detailed and authentic can substitute the water dough Kwan – > please check this out...

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