Peter Steele-Phillips

Amarok Property is a limited company in the United Kingdom with its registered offices in London.

The company’s primary focus is mid-market, residential, and mixed-use contemporary schemes in London and the Southeast as well as Spains Malaga region Amarok – whilst operating throughout the property development spectrum – focuses on looking at competitively priced consented multiple-unit schemes where we can add value with our contemporary and trending interior design and ideas while staying within budget when it comes to construction costs. Founder and Director Peter Steele-Phillips has gathered an extensive skill-set, an abundance of knowledge, and a strong domestic and international network over the years within the property sector – skills that can only be obtained by hands-on experience.

Our Executive Board members were handpicked over years in the industry, and we are proud to have built a bespoke team of professionals, whom across the property board offer and combine a vast range of skillsĀ  forming a widely versed and eclectic property company that is now Amarok Property Limited

Amarok in Partnership With – ( Unalome )

Amarok has recently partnered with Unalome

The concept behind the partnership is for unalome to provide
furniture for Amarok show homes. This is an important part of
off-plan sales as it helps the buyer visualize their living space.
It a proven sales technique to drive rates of sales. It is not
uncommon for buyers to request furniture to come
with their home.

We anticipate the partnership to excel in our projects
in the Costa del Sol in and around Marbella up to
Fuengirola. Where a large portion of our target market is